Spa Offerings

Handcrafted massage oils created with indigenous plants and natural aromas found in the surrounding landscape infuse all four double and two single beachfront spa treatment rooms at The Spa at The Legian Bali with a holistic, calming ambience. The world’s most reputable and effective spa products including Pevonia and Elemis, optimize specialised treatments while native healing traditions round out the spa menu with favourites like the Balinese Ancient massage which incorporates healing rituals practiced for generations among the Balinese. Any treatment will be greatly enhanced by our recently added complimentary facilities including the warm plunge whirlpool, refreshing cold plunge pool, spacious sauna and steam rooms.

To view various indulgent spa treatments and beauty therapies available at The Spa at The Legian Bali, please select one of the treatment categories. Prices mentioned in the spa menu are in Indonesian Rupiah and are subject to 11% Government Tax and 10% Service Charge. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Telephone: + 62 (361) 731 284
Email: spa@thelegianbali.com
You may also complete the below spa booking form.

Spa Etiquette

Please communicate health conditions such as high blood pressure, allergies, pregnancy or any health-related concerns you may have when making your appointment. We do not recommend the consumption of alcohol before or directly after spa treatments.

We will provide you with spa attire including a choice of spa underwear, alternatively you may prefer to wear your own. Choose what is most comfortable for you. Our therapists will always use draping techniques to respect your privacy.

We provide a secure place for your personal items inside the spa suite; however, we do not accept liability for loss or damage. We recommend valuable items be stored inside the safe located in your hotel suite or villa

Arriving late may make it necessary to limit the time for your treatment so the next guest is not delayed. Please arrive at The Spa reception ten minutes prior to your scheduled treatment time.

The treatments you select are reserved especially for you. Guests will be charged a 50% cancellation fee for treatments cancelled less than six hours prior to the appointment time. No-show or cancellation with less than two hours notice will be charged at 100%.

Kindly note the spa and health club facilities are designated as non-smoking zones.

Kindly refrain from using your mobile phone in the spa premises. Please keep your mobile phone on the silent mode at all times.

Minimum age for entry to the spa and health club facilities is 16 years old.

Gift certificates for spa services and retail products are available for sale at The Spa reception.


The Legian Indulgence

A royal treat meant to pamper and fully soothe the senses, the signature Legian Indulgence treatment is a full head to toe wellness package. It begins with a stimulating aromatherapy foot scrub, followed by our luxurious 4-hands synchronized massage, foot reflexology and facial treatment, your choice of any traditional body polish, and a relaxing floral bath before ending with a healthy refreshment. Feel all your worries and strain melt away in a haze of calm and satis ed bliss while blood circulation is improved and the body’s natural balance is restored.

150 minutes – IDR 3,000,000

The Legian Silk Ritual

Specially curated by The Legian’s own team of professional spa therapists, the deeply moisturizing Silk Ritual treatment starts with a stimulating aromatherapy foot scrub before continuing with a bespoke Balinese massage to relax the senses. Once relaxed, a Legian exclusive Silk Body Polish made with a mixture of Red Rice, Milk, Almond, and Oat Powder is used to remove dead skin and prepare it for a luxurious Honey and Milk body conditioner. The Legian Silk Ritual concludes with an enriching Milk bath, leaving your skin hydrated, fairer, softer and silky smooth to the touch.

120 minutes – IDR 1,650,000

The Legian Bliss

The Legian Bliss is a holistic experience that detoxifies the body of impurities in a gentle but highly effective treatment, beginning with a full Legian Wellness Experience. This includes time in the steam room, sauna, and hot plunge pool for maximum muscle relaxation and to kick start the overall detoxification process. This is then followed by an aromatherapy foot scrub and 60 minutes of our signature Java Sea Wave massage, before continuing with a refreshing facial and foot reflexology session. The detoxification process is then concluded with a deep cleansing Salt, Lime, and Ginger Body Polish, leaving you refreshed and fully rejuvenated, both mind and body.

180 minutes –  IDR 3,250,000


Tropical Youth Wrap

Give skin visible results with the ultimate de-aging skin rejuvenation therapy paired with divine tropical aromas to pamper your mind and senses. A Tropical Salt Mousse body scrub smoothens and mineralizes, allowing the crème body wrap to fully deliver natural anti-aging ingredients meant to repair the skin. Then, enjoy a luscious and aromatic tropical bath before ending with an express organic facial and rejuvenating anti-wrinkle body massage using tropical body butter rich in Shea Butter, Collagen, and Elastin that not only soothes the nervous system, but also delivers deep nourishment even from within. Skin appears firmer, more radiant, and evenly-toned to give you a refreshingly youthful look.

180 minutes – IDR 3,250,000

Green Coffee Slimming Wrap

Dramatically improve skin’s overall texture and appearance with this slimming and toning wrap that stimulates your body’s ability to break down fat, increase metabolism, and eliminate water retention. Using a dry body brush to remove dead skin and stimulate pores, this treatment continues with a massage using Activating Cellulite Gel before continuing with a pure 100% Micronized Green Coffee Body Wrap, and finishing with a Body Svelt Cream. Green Coffee contains a substance naturally rich in chlorogenic acid, polysaccharides, and essential oils, allowing this uniquely different wrap to smoothen skin by visibly reducing the spongy and dimply appearance of cellulite prone areas.

120 minutes – IDR 1,850,000

Algae Revitalizing Wrap

Algae Revitalizing Wrap is a highly effective dual treatment that works to detoxify and reenergize depleted skin. A zesty Algae detox scrub is used as an exfoliation step to remove impurities and toxins, stimulate the lymphatic system, and further enhance the body’s natural purification process. Your body is then gently covered in a mineral rich Algae body wrap that delivers oligo-elements, vitamins, and proteins to revitalize the body, before finishing up with a soothing body massage. Your entire body will feel as if it has been resurfaced, revealing youthful and hydrated looking skin.

120 minutes – IDR 1,850,000

Elemis Thousand Flower Detox Wrap

This nutrient-rich detox wrap uses deeply nourishing Green Tea and Plant Extracts to encourage the detoxification process of blood impurities for healthier skin by stimulating the body’s natural elimination mechanisms and restoring equilibrium. A simple but effective dry body brush is rst used to exfoliate and open up pores. Then, a Green Tea Algoserum Oil is gently massaged into the skin, followed by the 1000 Flower body wrap, and an Elemis mini facial. Finally, a protein and omega-rich Green Tea Balm is applied, completing the treatment and leaving you completely revitalized with silky soft skin.

60 minutes – IDR 1,280,000


Balinese Massage

A relaxing and traditional Balinese massage technique that includes stretching, effleurage (circular movements made with the palm) and pressure point activation to improve circulation, and relieve stress and tension. This massage can also be tailored made and will be fully personalized according to your preferences and body’s needs, as well as through our intuitive therapists’ ability to detect specific areas of focus based on years of professional experience.

60 minutes – IDR 960,000
90 minutes – IDR 1,440,000

The Legian Four Hands Massage

A unique fusion of Shiatsu, Thai, Swedish, Balinese, and Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage simultaneously executed by two therapists working in complete synchronization. The soft, smooth strokes of four hands moving together in sync will leave your senses feeling completely relaxed, slowly lulling you into a complete state of calm.

60 minutes – IDR 1,500,000
90 minutes – IDR 2,000,000

Volcanic Warm Stone Massage

Originating from ancient Hawaii, the Kahunas (Hawaiian Shamans) were known to use heated river stones in combination with massage techniques to alleviate tensions accumulated in the muscles. Using a similar approach, volcanic stones retrieved from the sacred Mount Agung is combined with aromatherapy to melt away any tightness and strain you might have from your body, bringing you back a renewed sense of peace and vibrancy.

90 minutes – IDR 1,500,000

Javanese Sea Wave Massage

An experience not to be missed, the Javanese Sea Wave Massage incorporates long, specialized strokes to feel just like waves gently caressing your entire body. This extraordinary feeling of rhythmic yet fluid motion will send you into a hazy state of tranquility that can only be described as pure bliss.

60 minutes – IDR 1,000,000
90 minutes – IDR 1,500,000

Thai Bodywork Massage

Stretching and pressure point techniques are used in this dry massage originating from ancient Thailand to rebalance and restore the ow of “chi” through energy channels known as Sen lines, while a warmed aromatic herbal compress is used to ease tension. Additionally, for this non-oil massage, a pair of Thai-style pajamas will be provided.

90 minutes – IDR 1,250,000
120 minutes – IDR 1,700,000

Tibetan Kunya Massage

This body treatment honors and respects the ancient Tibetan traditions of healing, restoring, harmonizing and strengthening the body’s natural flow of energy. A blend of wild-grown essential oils are combined with traditional techniques of cupping, acupressure, kneading, rocking, hot stones, and the use of poultices to purify the ve natural elements of the body – re, water, space, air, and earth. This treatment also works to cleanse by stimulating the lymphatic system, and improves vitality by restoring energies of the subtle body and meridian system to its equilibrium.

90 minutes – IDR 1,525,000

Chakra Balancing Massage

A subtle energy therapy aimed at rebalancing the nervous system, a synergistic blend of essential oils including Cardamom, Jasmine, and Patchouli in a base of pure Organic Argan Oil is applied using ancient massage techniques. The combination of botanical essences and marma point stimulation opens the ow of subtle healing energies through the 7 chakras for increased vitality. The Chakra Balancing treatment is mainly focused along the spine with some mild attention to the body’s extremities. This massage technique is gentle with soft to medium pressure and is focused on the ow of energy instead of muscle tissue manipulation.

75 minutes – IDR 1,250,000

Pevonia Slimming & Cellulite Massage

Using Pevonia’s Cellulite Activating Gel and Svelte Cream together with a specialized massage technique, this slimming treatment helps to stimulate your body’s ability to break down fat, increase metabolism, and eliminate water retention. As Pevonia’s Cellulite Activating Gel and Svelte Cream is naturally rich in Chlorogenic Acid and essential oils, it helps to smoothen and enhance skin’s texture, while also reducing the appearance of spongy and dimply cellulite areas.

60 minutes – IDR 960,000

Foot Reflexology

The existence of specific points on the feet and its relation to each part of the body, including the organs and glands are the basis of traditional foot reflexology. These points are stimulated using thumb and finger pressure techniques to promote health by improving blood ow, lymphatic drainage effciency and inducing a deep sense of calm and relaxation.

60 minutes – IDR 960,000




Lulur originated in the royal palaces of Central Java, Indonesia, dating as far back as the 17th century and is still practiced today among Indonesian women. The full Lulur ritual is performed for 40 consecutive days leading up to a wedding ceremony. It would be given to the bride-to-be by the other women in the family as a form of nurturing, as well as a time for passing down their wisdom and sacred stories. Lulur is made from Rice Powder, Turmeric, and Sandalwood Powder. It is used for the removal of dead skin, as well as the nourishment of tired skin, giving it a softer and suppler appearance.

60 minutes – IDR 960,000

Silk Body Polish

An original The Legian body scrub made from a mixture of Balinese Red Rice Powder, Almond Powder, Milk Powder, and Oat Powder is first used for the removal of dead skin and to stimulate the production of new cells. This unique mixture not only cleanses and helps lighten skin, it also provides the necessary nourishment needed to rejuvenate your skin and prep it for the better absorption of a soothing Honey and Milk body mask. Your skin will feel silky smooth, as if it were completely brand new.

60 minutes – IDR 960,000

Balinese Coffee

Coffee scrubs have several advantages including exfoliating and anti-in flammatory properties, temporary reduction of cellulite, improved blood circulation, reduced eye puffiness, and the appearance of smoother skin. This is due to caffeine, which helps tighten skin, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite. Caffeine is also loaded with antioxidants, which help to combat signs of premature skin aging like wrinkles, sun spots, and fine lines. Through application on the skin in a gentle circular motion, the coffee scrub is able to exfoliate the skin’s surface, removing any dry and unwanted dead cells to reveal brighter, healthier-looking skin underneath.

60 minutes – IDR 960,000

Coconut Body Polish

Coconut is well known for its bene ts to the skin as it is rich in vitamin E, a compound essential for healthy skin growth, repair of skin’s wear and tear, keeping skin smooth, and protecting it against cracking by increasing elasticity. As Vitamin E is a type of antioxidant, it also works to prevent premature aging and wrinkling of the skin. Every 100 gram of coconut oil has an approximate value of 0.1 mg of vitamin E, thus giving these fragrant scrub nourishing properties suited for dry skin and the recovery of light sunburns. At the end, a cooling and refreshing cucumber mask is applied to condition the skin and further increase hydration levels.

60 minutes – IDR 960,000

Elemis Lime & Ginger

Detoxify, slough away dead skin cells, and encourage the regeneration of healthy, new cells with the invigorating scent of Elemis’ Lime and Ginger Cleansing Salt. This uplifting scrub leaves your skin feeling like a smooth and responsive canvas, prepped and ready to deeply absorb the subsequent hydrating and nourishing body oil.

60 minutes – IDR 1,280,000


Elemis Pro-Collagen Age Defy

Tackle fine lines and wrinkles for younger looking skin. This targeted area facial massage using Padina Pavonica and Red Coral encourages optimum cellular function for better nourishment and lift, perfectly restoring the balance and clarity of healthy skin.

60 minutes – IDR 1,280,000

Elemis Superfood Pro-Radiance

ELEMIS Superfood Pro-Radiance has been clinically proven* to leave skin plumper, more radiant, brighter, and healthier. Made with superfoods and essential minerals that act as detoxifying actives, this facial lends a nutritional and hydrational boost to dry and stressed skin, helping to revitalize even the dullest of appearances.

60 minutes – IDR 1,280,000

Elemis Skin Soother

Fragile skin needs special attention. The Sensitive Skin Soother employs a soothing massage technique combined with Moroccan Rose, Chamomile, Apricot, and Neroli to help reduce the appearance of redness while protecting against daily stresses. Skin’s texture and moisture levels are dramatically restored, leaving it soothed, comfortable, and calm.

60 minutes – IDR 1,280,000

Pevonia Vit C With Oxyxomes / Luminous Radiance

Rejuvenate and brighten tired and dull skin, while reducing signs of premature ageing with high doses of potent Vitamin C Complex. This highly effective facial also helps to counteract excessive dryness, dehydration, ne lines, and wrinkles. Combined with a lightening and purifying mask made with Lemon, Peach and Vitamin E to tighten pores, brighten, and further moisturize skin, your appearance is revitalized with a radiant glow.

60 minutes – IDR 1,280,000

Pevonia Organic Essentials Facial

Pure Organic Aromatherapy Elixirs and Botanical Actives formulation from Pevonia Botanica purifies, rebalances and renews the skin. This organic facial works to improve your skin naturally by restoring normal and balanced moisture levels, leaving your skin radiant, softer, and better hydrated.

60 minutes – IDR 1,280,000

Pevonia After-Sun Facial

Instantly soothe skin and restore hydration with the repairing bene t of Nymphaea Alba and Green Tea that work to deeply hydrate and desensitize hypersensitive skin. As this facial is targeted to soothe fragile and sun damaged skin, no facial scrubs and massages will be performed to alleviate any risk of skin agitation.

30 minutes – IDR 640,000

Pevonia Black Caviar & Pearl Signature Anti-Aging

The most luxurious and advance defense against signs of aging, this highly opulent anti-aging treatment lavishes your skin with pure Caviar Extract, Pearl Extract, and a revolutionary blend of Phyto Extract known as Escutox®. An exclusive black Caviar rubber mask is also used to improve elasticity, increase skin oxygenation levels and enhance overall skin suppleness. Built on the concept of rejuvenation, this signature facial by Pevonia visibly resurfaces rough skin while dramatically reducing the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles.

75 minutes – IDR 2,000,000


Pevonia Detailing Facial for Him

Unsightly rashes, skin irritations, and unwanted sensitivity are targeted in this executive facial made just for him. Combining Lavender and Propolis, a micro emulsified gel goes deep into the layers to calm, heal, and truly enrich your skin cells. This facial particularly focuses on the anti-bacterial and decongesting properties of Propolis to alleviate micro-circulation problems, while also strengthening weak and fragile skin. At the end of this soothing facial, a customised mask made from various antioxidant-rich fruits is applied to seal in all active ingredients and leave you feeling absolutely refreshed.

60 minutes – IDR 1,280,000

Elemis High Performance Skin Energizer

A dynamic facial aimed at ageing, dehydrated skin, and tired eyes. The ELEMIS High Performance Skin Energizer maximizes cell regeneration through multi-purposed facial massage sequences that work to boost circulation, while a steaming and extraction session is undergone to remove stubborn congestions. To add to the experience, a soothing scalp and foot massage will help deeply relax your senses, leaving you calm and collected before you go.

60 minutes – IDR 1,280,000


Your hands and feet are just as important to us as they are to you. At The Spa, we provide an array of additional beautification treatments catered to making you feel beautiful, in more aspects than just one.


A deluxe hand and nail treatment that includes an aromatherapy exfoliating hand polish and mask, cuticle and nail conditioning oil, massage, and lotion application.

60 minutes – IDR 575,000


A deluxe foot and nail treatment that includes an aromatherapy foot polish and mask, cuticle and nail conditioning oil, massage, and lotion application.

60 minutes – IDR 600,000


Using selected Depilévé technique and products best suited for your skin type and sensitivity.

Full Leg

– IDR 595,000

Half Leg

– IDR 360,000


– IDR 360,000

Upper Lip WAx

– IDR 250,000

Under Arm Wax

– IDR 300,000


– IDR 700,000



Herbal Body Compress

Adapted for soothing muscular aches and swelling, this herbal body compress was designed to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Using an ancient and traditional recipe, a selection of therapeutic herbs, including Prai, Clove, Ginger, Turmeric, and Lemongrass are wrapped in a muslin cloth, steamed and then applied directly to the body in a gentle, pressing, circular, and rolling motion.

30 minutes – IDR 450,000

Heated Stone Back Massage

A back massage utilizing heated stones is bene cial in easing sore muscle and releasing tensions. It is recommended as an add on to a basic Balinese massage.

30 minutes – IDR 450,000

Refreshing Facial

A treatment meant to refresh the senses through a deep cleanse and stimulating face massage, this facial is the perfect accompaniment to any other treatment or massage.

30 minutes – IDR 650,000

We also provide wellness and exercise activities that can be personalized to your needs, with private classes you can join one-on-one or as a couple. Please take note that a 24-hour advance booking is required.

Wellness activities:

• Private Yoga
• Private Pilates
• Meditation
• Thai Boxing
• Personal Trainer


Spa Double Suite | The Best Spa in Bali | The Legion

Spa Packages


IDR 4,250,000 PER PERSON


  • Day One
    The Legian Indulgence 150 min
  • Day Two
    Ancient Balinese Massage 90 min and
    Relaxing foot massage 30 min

Spa Packages


IDR 5,450,000 PER PERSON


  • Day One
    The Legian Indulgence 150 min
  • Day Two
    Ancient Balinese Massage 90 min and
    Relaxing foot massage 30 min
  • Day Three
    Java Sea Wave Massage 90 min or
    Volcanic Warm Stone Massage 90 min
Legian Bali Spa
Pedicure Room | The Best Spa Bali | The Legian Bali

Spa Packages


IDR 6,550,000 PER PERSON


  • Day One
    The Legian Indulgence 150 min
  • Day Two
    Ancient Balinese Massage 90 min and
    Relaxing foot massage 30 min
  • Day Three
    Java Sea Wave  Massage 90 min or
    Volcanic Warm Stone Massage 90 min
  • Day Four
    Manicure and Pedicure