Five minutes with Diki Sopian The Beach House butler

16 January 2020

Five minutes with Diki Sopian The Beach House butler

Five minutes with Diki Sopian

Having served as a butler for more than seven years, Diki Sopian without a doubt knows the ins and outs of The Legian Seminyak, Bali’s grounds. Get up close and personal as he shares what it takes to be a great butler, his secret relaxing spot on the island, and what makes the resort’s magnificent three bedroom villa, The Beach House a must tick on your bucket list.

What do you enjoy most about being a Butler?

Meeting different guests from countries all over the world with their own style and needs. I learned so many things from all of the guests that I’ve handled. It’s a different challenge to cater from one guest to the next. The best part is when they check out and are satisfied with our service. They will leave with a big smile and so will I!

What does it take to become a Butler at The Legian?

A team player is a must. You also must have extensive knowledge about all matters related to all department, in other words being an ambassador of the hotel. The most important thing is that you should have a good integrity, act with honesty and sincerity in everything you do, be it with guests or with the team.

As a butler, you mostly handle guests that are staying at The Beach House. What makes The Beach House so special?

It is the only beachfront villa in Seminyak with direct access to the beach, that’s something! The magnificent three-bedroom villa boasts 800sqm of luxurious space complete with your own private pool and a gazebo overlooking the Seminyak Beach. And to top it off, guests are pampered with a 24/7 dedicated butler service to cater to whatever needs they may have.

It’s also a versatile space that can also be used for private events and celebrations. Often times we also have cocktail events and private dinners within the space as well.

Tell us something funny or interesting you’ve experienced during your time at The Legian!

One time, I handled a long stay guest that stayed with us for 18 days. She wanted to go to a music festival at a next door beach club and requested to have a VIP table for her and her entourage. The VIP table was already sold out from one week prior to her request, but she won’t take no for an answer! I contacted the operations manager and see what can be worked out to squeeze her in the VIP section, finally we are able to fit one more table, at an additional cost. On the day, I personally came to the venue and helped to set up the table and made sure that she gets a prominent spot.

She was very happy and really appreciated my efforts. The funny thing is, after 20 minutes of enjoying the music festival, she turned to me and said “It’s too loud here, I think I will just go back to The Legian and chill”.

Tell us three secrets to being a good butler

  • You need to stay updated always – with what’s happening in the hotel or nearby area.
  • Stress and pressure is inevitable. Always maintaining a sense of calm and composure is key
  • Most important (and simple) thing is to listen to guests, show that you understand what they need, and assure them that you will deliver!

Where is your favorite ‘secret’ spot in Bali? Somewhere most visitors might not know about.

There is no specific favorite spot for me, I love to experience all the new thing and explore eateries around the island. But if I had to mention one, Pantai Lima (just near Seseh Beach) is on my top list of place to relax and unwind on the island.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

Having a great time with the wife and kids of course. I also spare time for my own quality time with motorbike touring with the motor club or fishing in the middle of the ocean!

What’s your favorite typically Balinese dish drink?

I love ayam betutu! It’s an authentic Balinese dish with steamed or roasted chicken highly seasoned with spicy betutu sauce. A must try local dish when in Bali.

If you hadn’t become a butler, what else would you have done?

I’ve always taken in interest in Food and Beverage. So, if I wasn’t a butler, I will see myself managing my own small eatery back home in Bandung, West Java.

Any tip for future butlers?

Butlers are key position within a hotel and comes with a huge responsibility. As a butler you should learn and be on top of everything, don’t ever be satisfied with whatever you know and always keep exploring.

As a butler, you should remember to things. First, never say no to a guest and secondly, always treat your guest and team with utmost respect and integrity.